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Any of you gonna play Eso ?
We've still got a lot of work to do before we catch you guys up, don't worry! ;)
hehe funny Ug! :p
see heroic are easy, but proberbly best give up now, neveer gonna get any better!
thanks Ug! :)
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The end of a chapter...

Juggernuts a posted Feb 19, 14

So this is it. Cold Fusion has raided for the last time...

... but we sure went out with a bang! Heroic Immerseus and Norushen vanquished!

Onwards to glory with Ascension!!

Immerseus HC


Juggernuts a posted Feb 15, 14

Important news for ALL MEMBERS -


We've done it!! The tier has been cleared!

Massive well done to those in the team who put all the hard work into the learning the Garrosh fight and then finally pulling it off with a beautiful kill - the final stage was practically perfect!

I also want to take the time to thank our fantastic raid leaders, Misch and Obli, for their hard work and dedication throughout the whole of the expansion - we couldn't have done it without you!


Paragon's finally fell in amongst all the holiday cheer! Garrosh we have set our sights on you and are coming for you! :) Juggs better get home soon! Your missing out on all the fun!

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After a few slow weeks we finally got back into our winning killing ways by dispatching Thok and Siegecrafter Blackfuse. We cut it close with Thok, leaving it to Runedeath to finish him off while the rest of us slow-roasted in the fire, but a kill is a kill so who's complaining! Siegecrafter was a much more controlled affair and we look in good shape to make short work of Paragons this coming week! Also, a mention for our first Spoils kill Monday! Our trifecta week!



Having spent most of last Tuesday's raid wiping repeatedly on Dark Shamans (we clocked up 19 wipes that evening) we rocked up to Orgimmar this week with a sense of slight trepidation, it has to be said.

We needn't have worried - we one-shotted the bastards and then took down Nazgrim in one go for good measure. We nearly had Malkorok too! Next week my friend, next week!

Dark Shamans


This week we added another two bosses to our SoO hit list!! Pew Pew!

p.s. Druid backsides to be officially censored by the BBFC - FACT!

Realm Rank 24
Region Rank 8236
World Rank 13391
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